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The 5 Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Weight-Loss Results

Weight loss is hard. It takes concentrated effort over a long period of time. It’s easy to get discouraged when weight loss slows down. You know results don’t happen overnight. But when you keep working at it and still don’t see results? It makes you want to quit.

Don’t give up.

You can keep your weight loss from derailing. It starts by figuring out what is stalling your weight loss. If you are putting in the effort, something is stopping your results. What is it?

Take a look at these five mistakes that can wreck your weight loss. Is one of these the culprit? Work on these problem areas and get ready to watch your weight-loss results improve.

1. Overdoing your workouts

It happens so easily. You work through the frustrations of not wanting to exercise. Then something clicks, and you start enjoying your workouts. The pounds start to fall off. Your enthusiasm grows. You feel like you could work out all the time.

And you do.

Suddenly your body can’t keep up. You’re working out so hard, and so often, your body thinks something is wrong. Your weight loss stops while your body tries to readjust.

Or you start getting hungry from your workouts and make bad food choices.

Or you strain your body, and it diverts energy from weight loss to healing and repair.

Working out is essential to healthy weight loss and overall health. But be reasonable. Don’t overdo. Remember you are in this for the long run, for good health. Make exercise a manageable part of your daily life, and enjoy it.

2. Consuming too much sodium

In our world of fast and processed food, it’s easy to consume excessive quantities of sodium. Not only are excessive levels of sodium unhealthy. Too much sodium can also wreck your weight-loss plan.

Sodium causes water retention, which leads to bloating and extra water weight. High sodium levels in processed foods also increase appetite and thirst. While it would be great to take care of your thirst with water, at meal time water is often not the drink at hand. Also, an excess of sodium, like an excess of anything, can throw off your body’s balance. That balance is needed to keep weight loss moving.

Sodium in the right amounts is necessary for a healthy body. But know what those limits are and avoid fast-food sources of sodium.

3. Obsessing over the scale

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s tempting to check the scale every day. Sometimes more than once a day. But that will only cause you grief and lead to bad decisions.

Weight fluctuates in a normal, healthy body. Even at your normal weight, you’ll experience a weight range, depending on many factors.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s understandable that you want the scale to keep dropping. You’ve worked so hard to lose three pounds, and suddenly the scale is up four pounds. What in the world?

You’ve got to realize that’s normal. In a few days, if you’re doing everything right, the scale will drop again.

So give the scale a rest. Resist the urge to check your weight more than once a week. Don’t get discouraged or overreact if the scale doesn’t show the results you want. Look for different ways to measure results: waist size, energy, blood pressure, quality of sleep.

4.  Not being realistic

Being unrealistic is one of the biggest weight-loss wreckers. If your expectations are too high, and you want results too soon, you will be discouraged. Frustration leads to bad choices: Eating the wrong foods, or exercising to the point of injury. When your plan is not realistic, it’s easy to give up.

5. Not eating enough


It is tempting to starve yourself to lose weight. If fewer calories mean fewer pounds, it seems logical that eating less is better. But that’s not the whole story.

Your body is amazingly complex. While calories do play an important role in weight loss, so do other body processes. Every system in your body needs to work together to help you lose weight. For that to happen, you need the right fuel, and enough of it. Starving yourself won’t help. If your metabolism slows, your body can’t do what is necessary to lose excess weight.

Think of it this way: What you eat is what fuels your weight loss. Eat the right nutrients, within a healthy calorie range. Don’t skip meals. Be sure to enjoy a healthy breakfast every day. Eat a good variety of foods. Give your body the fuel it needs to shed pounds.

You didn’t gain weight overnight. You won’t lose weight overnight. It takes time. Weight loss is the result of cultivating healthy eating, exercising, and lifestyle habits.

Have a realistic plan and stick with it for the long run.


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4 Amazing Fruits That Will Aid Your Weight Loss Goals

When you are looking to lose weight, there are many ways to work fruit into your diet and that means that you are able to improve your nutrition and your figure. When it comes to fruit, it is a great way to fill up, be healthy and also know that you are going to eat food low in calories.

You will see that there are many options out there as well to work in with your diet and you will see that the portions with fruits are a little larger which means that it is a great way to enjoy a sweet treat and also be healthy.

Here are the top 4 fruits that can help with weight loss;

  • Watermelon: This is an excellent fruit for losing weight. The fruit is made up of mostly water and it is also so very low in calories. You will see that it also has many amino acids in it that are perfect for helping you to burn fat. Watermelon also will ensure that you feel not hungry and that you are also hydrated for long periods of time.
  • Guava: This is an amazing fruit that you will love and that is full of fiber and other benefits. In addition to these wonderful traits, you will also see that this is a great weight loss aid for all people and that means that there are many ways that anyone can enjoy it. This is one of those fruits that tastes incredible and is perfect for anyone who has diabetes. In addition to that, since the fruit is packed with fiber it is a great way to make sure that you are regular and are improving the way you feel on a daily basis.
  • Apple: Apples reduce the risk of cancer and they also ensure that you have a healthier heart. What that means is that you will have a great boost, feel as though you have a great smile and know that you are going to have enough fiber. In addition to that it is very possible to see that this is the perfect fruit as there is no salt and no fat.
  • Banana: There are a few calories in the fruit and that means that it is a great post workout food. You want to make sure that you have incredible fruits around you when you need them. You will see that there are many options out there for you. However, this is one of the best options out there for you because of the way to avoid muscle cramps, get more potassium and have healthy blood pressure with this amazing fruit.

Fruit is very important to make sure that you have enough of it in your diet. The reason for this is that you need to make sure that you have around 5-7 servings of fruit in your diet per day. By doing that it is possible to make sure that you are going to lose more weight and also live a very long and happy life. Those who are able to have 5-7 servings of fruit in their system will be able to have better weight loss as well as healthier bodies than those who do not.

There is new evidence out to show that consuming the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables will improve the health and ensure that it is possible to feel amazing throughout the entire day. Fruit is full of energy and means that there is everything that you need to be very healthy.